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Very good game. Regards

Wow. This was great. So much meaning and all put together really well.

good game! scared the ever-loving cr*p outta me hahaha

Great Game

Ambitious stuff right here.

I try! Thanks

Loved this game! The jumpscares were aplenty, and even got me when I knew one was coming! Really, really well done game, and love the concept/idea! Check out the playthrough below!

Thanks so much brother!!

This was a good game and scared me a few time will say it has a dark ending too it wasnt expecting that but keep up the good work

Glad you liked it, thanks :)

your welcome

Damn this is good! Great Work!


Thanks sir!

Interesting game. There aren't enough horror games about aliens. I wish it were longer.

Haha true, but is it really about aliens? :0

Creepy little game, good work :)


Thank you!

Wow, really great game. Loved the graphics and alle the small details. Can't wait for your next game :)

Thank you!! <3

Help me!

I really enjoyed this game! Graphically it looks really impressive. I personally loved the twist at the end! Thanks 🙂 should you wish you can see my experience of the game for yourself below

Glad you liked it! Thanks you

Nice Game. I Love it


Help me!

The quality Of This Game was Amazing 

Thank you so much! <3


Thanks for playing :)

Teoria en español


The short horror game should be on the top of the popular list. It was incredible. I love the work. So many small details to explore and the scares and atmosphere were great! The end was super intense and that made the game perfect. We can't expect more from small developers and shorts games. Let me know when you have more project coming up!

Thank you so much for the kind words <3 Will do!

Hey Svinkersvon, I really like your game concept, will you be bringing Around the Bend to Mobile Platforms in the Future?

I have no idea to be honest. I would need to learn how first, but who knows, maybe someday i will!

i understand, thanks for reply 😊

This scared the heck out of me.
I was absolutely terrified of what could happen next!

That is good to hear! Thanks for playing <3

The game's decent for your first serious game. I would really crank the volume up on the voice actors so you can hear what they are saying. Other then that, not bad. Also ... TATICAL NUKE INCOMING!

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thanks for the support and feedback, il work on it! <3

Can't believe this game is free. Im using ReShade so the graphics become more awesome even tho already Great without ReShade

Oelala interesting! Thanks for the kind words <3

Really well done man, I really enjoyed this experience, great sound design (really great) great gameplay, great attention to detail, lighting, everything. You got some great potential, I really hope you consider doing more indie horror. Thanks for sharing.

Wauw thanks allot! Not considering anymore, for sure going to do at least one more.

It was great game. Extraordinary graphics design and voice acting. Well done and thanks for sharing! 

Thanks for supporting! Glad you liked it.

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AROUND THE BEND (indie Horror) - Full Gameplay + Commentary (+Download)

Hey, thanks for giving it a go, and supporting!

Had great time playing this game!

That is great to hear, thanks man! 

that awesome jumpscare ,, really like this game

Haha glad you got spooked!

hahahah I hope there will be a longer story in this game

Absolutely awesome! Loved everything about it!

Thanks so much! <3

I really enjoyed this game. Great Job! Looking forward to what you make next!

Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it :) And im looking forward to making it!

 cool game,good job


really enjoyed the game.the jumpscares got me haha. good job

Hahaha good! Glad you got spooked, thanks!

I was completely blown away with how it all turned out. The story is really well thought out, and the jumpscares are sharp and effective. Not to mention that the game features a ton of customization. Well done, dev!

Hey dude, that really means allot <3 Thank you so much, im super happy you enjoyed it.

love your game thank you so much wow :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):

Glad you liked it brother!! <3


Nice game!

Thank you very very much :)

please can you upload a rar file


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yes i played it. have to say great job i enjoyed will be uploaded to youtube tomorrow.

Awesome, can't wait! 

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